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Analysis of Statewide Implementation of DreamBox Math Shows Significant Student Growth

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In the 2021-22 school year, all South Carolina K-5 students had access to DreamBox Math. To evaluate the benefits of this program, researchers analyzed the end-of-year SCReady test scores for spring 2021 (baseline) and spring 2022 (follow up). With this data, they looked at data for two cohorts: students in grade 4 who completed the baseline assessments in 3rd grade and the follow-up in 4th grade, and students in grade 5 who completed the baseline in 4th grade and the follow-up in 5th grade.

Sample Data for the Study Included:

Students in Grades 4-5
0 K

Data showed that South Carolina students in 4th and 5th grade who used DreamBox Math for one hour per week demonstrated significantly greater growth on year-end testing. This study also found that students who completed 5 lessons per week demonstrated a year-over-year growth that either approached or exceeded the South Carolina Added Value Targets. These positive results were observed for students across all achievement levels. 


DB Math Study SC Graph