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Techbook for Elementary School Science Curriculum

Inspire students with this phenomena-based elementary school science curriculum

Ignite Students’ Natural Curiosity

Science Techbook connects elementary students to their inner curiosity, placing them at the center of each 3D learning experience as they lead investigations that uncover the mysteries of the universe. Engaging content, hands-on and virtual STEM activities bring the excitement of science to life.

Action-Packed Real-World Storylines

With Science Techbook, students will engage in an action-packed journey to make sense of phenomena in a way that aligns with their natural curiosities. Each unit storyline follows a 3D learning framework, launching with real-world anchor phenomena to hook students and inspire them to ask important questions as they investigate and collaborate to explain, make predictions, and solve problems.

Students as Lead Investigators

Active investigation of phenomena through questioning, modeling, data collection, and analysis allows students to generate evidence of sensemaking. Hands-on investigations, labs, and STEM projects allow students to demonstrate science and engineering practices and produce creative solutions to real-world problems. Science Techbook also offers resources in English and Spanish, text at two Lexile levels, and reading support tools ensure access to all students.

Navigating 3D Instruction

Lesson planning, differentiation, progress monitoring, and professional growth opportunities provide teachers with time-saving support. Each unit features numerous three-dimensional teacher notes and scaffolded support that helps students build proficiency. Activity-specific differentiation strategies guide students with varied needs as they progress through NGSS expectations to acquire the required knowledge and conceptual understanding of the scientific ideas in the unit.

Supporting Literacy

Whether students are learning to read or reading to learn, integrated literacy and lesson planning resources in Science Techbook help save valuable instructional time. A variety of texts at different Lexiles and formats as well as speaking, listening, and writing opportunities, combined with literacy-supported lessons, build students’ scientific knowledge while developing and strengthening their literacy skills.

Checkpoints All Along the Way

Formative and Summative Assessments are embedded into the learning cycle for each Science Techbook unit, to support students in achieving proficiency in defined learning goals. Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) allow students to demonstrate 3D learning with responses that feed directly to the Dashboard. Through Performance-Based Assessments they address each of the unit’s performance indicators. Unit Projects encourage research and design of solutions to real-world problems related to the Anchor Phenomenon.

Explore Science from Anywhere in the World

Powerful and adaptable resources support the delivery of impactful, blended instruction, in person or at a distance.

Discovery Education Experience

Science Techbook is delivered through Discovery Education Experience, our dynamic K-12 learning platform. Find compelling collections of science-themed content, ready-to-use lessons, collaboration tools, and professional learning resources to help educators engage all students, in and out of the classroom.

Coordinated Teacher and Student Print Editions

Print editions are available for both teachers and students and provide a flexible option for blended instruction. Print and digital versions can be used interchangeably to support instruction in any environment.

Hands-On Classroom Kits

Hands-On Classroom Kits are available to complement digital investigations and correspond with activities in each unit, providing many of the required materials for each activity.

Select your Science Techbook Course

Discovery Education’s flagship Science Techbook, part of a complete science program, offers courses for grades K-12.

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