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Mystery Science

Hands-On Science Made Easy

Nurture the Natural Curiosity of K-5 Students

Mystery Science is a unique, standards-aligned science curriculum for grades K-5 designed to help students stay curious. Mystery Guides lead engaging, open-and-go lessons with step-by-step hands-on activities exploring scientific phenomena using items commonly found in the classroom.

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Together, Mystery Science and Discovery Education provide the best resources for all teachers, whether they have 5 minutes or 2+ hours for science instruction. Our Daily Learning Platform offers engaging STEM careers content that introduces students to a variety of career paths, while Mystery Science deepens understanding through hands-on STEM experience rooted in real-world phenomena.

The combination of our award-winning products allows schools and districts to:
  • Grow student understanding of science through hands-on explorations to deepen the connection between the digital and physical world.
  • Align to any teacher's instructional needs with a wide range resources to meet them where they are – whether they are expert teachers or new teachers who are just getting started!​
  • Ensure that every school in the district has access to high-quality STEM, enrichment, and Career and Technical Education resources that are easy to use and readily available.
  • Illustrate a clear pathway to excellence in teaching hands-on science in the spirit of NGSS and state standards.
Mystery Science Circle of Life Lesson

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