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STEM Connect

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What is STEM Connect?

Our interdisciplinary K-8 resource blends dynamic digital content with ready-to-use lessons and hands-on activities to enhance core curriculum and cultivate design thinking to prepare students for the future. Built around the 4Cs framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, STEM Connect purposefully integrates across disciplines and provides all the necessary resources for teachers to introduce students to STEM.

Engage Students in Deeper Learning

STEM Connect weaves the 4Cs—communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking—into each lesson and progresses across grade levels to encourage deeper understanding and engagement for all students. Relatable scenarios connect students to real-world challenges while blending dynamic, digital content with minds-in, hands-on activities to accelerate student comprehension and application. Students start asking questions instead of simply memorizing answers—not just in class, but in their everyday lives.

Find Flexible Resources for Interdisciplinary Instruction

Resources within STEM Connect align to core content areas and uses art, social studies, and literacy to frame challenges for students. Content Connection student activities help relate STEM content to other classes or disciplines, while STEM Career videos feature compelling career paths and examples of how concepts extend beyond the classroom and into the real world.

Leverage STEM-specific Professional Learning & On-Demand Support

STEM Connect was designed by educators to provide all the necessary tools for facilitating and enriching instruction, including detailed model lessons, student supports, teacher guides, and point-of-use teacher notes.

These embedded resources and strategies help you get started with STEM right away, and if you want to go deeper, we’ll work with you to coordinate more in-depth, tailored professional learning opportunities to help define the STEM vision for your school or district.

Discovery Education Experience

STEM Connect is built within our dynamic Discovery Education Experience digital learning platform, which offers over 200,000 additional resources, standards-aligned content, and professional learning strategies to support teachers and encourage students to dive deeper into STEM. Anytime, anywhere accessibility and curated collections of science-themed content—such as Outrageous Acts of Science, STEM Careers, and Girls Get STEM—make learning both relevant and exciting for all students, in class or remotely.

Prepare students for the real world with the award-winning STEM Connect.

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