To maximize the full benefits of DreamBox Math:

Unpacking DreamBox Math

  • Get students logged in and completing lessons within the first two weeks of school.
  • Ensure students complete a total of at least five lessons each week. Research shows that students who complete five lessons or more a week achieve significant growth.
  • Educators log in at least once per week to learn which students need assistance and to monitor student growth.
  • Celebrate student growth and achievement!

Share With Your Colleagues

Table of Contents

Log into your DreamBox dashboard


Administrators and implementation leaders

  • Ensure that your rostering is complete and use this checklist to introduce DreamBox to your teachers.
  • Contact your district’s DreamBox implementation leader with any questions.

Verify your classroom rosters and make setting adjustments for students as needed.


Review classroom rosters

  • Sign into your Insight dashboard.
  • Click Home.
  • Select the classroom you wish to view in the filters at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to the Roster Management section.


Review account settings

  • Click Settings.
  • Select the Roster Tab and if needed, select your class from the drop-down list.
  • From the Roster Management Section review student grade, initial placement level, and language.
    • Adjust the Initial Placement level as necessary before the student logs in for the first time. If the Initial Placement Level is set to “Already Placed” you will need to reach out to DreamBox Customer Support for assistance.
  • To adjust student settings, click into the field you wish to edit and make the changes. The updated text will be green. You can make changes to multiple students at a time.
  • Click the green Update button to save.
Roster management in DreamBox


Review student learning environment

DreamBox offers three learning environments to students of different grade levels. For student personalization purposes, teachers or administrators can manually move students from the K-2 to 3-5 environment.

Note: Once students enter the 3-5 environment, they will no longer have access to K-2 storylines and certificates. Once the change is made, it cannot be reversed.

  • Click the Settings while in the top navigation pane.
  • Select the Learning Environment tab.
  • You will see a list of students who are working in the K-2 environment and their respective grade levels. Select the checkboxes of the students whose environment you wish to change.
  • Click Update and confirm your selection.
  • Confirm your selection and click Save.

Learning environment tab in DreamBox

Help your students log in and explore DreamBox


Administrators and implementation leaders

  • Set goals and student use expectations and communicate them to teachers.
  • Create recommendations for how your teachers might incorporate DreamBox into student learning.



Kick-off with students using DreamBox lesson plans


Help your students get the most out of the DreamBox experience by encouraging regular usage:

  • Students should complete the recommended five lessons per week in two 30-minute sessions or three 20-minute sessions.
  • To best support student learning, build space into the school day and encourage home usage for consistent practice.
  • Support early utilization by helping students work through questions as they get started and allowing time for exploration. As students work, encourage Healthy Habits for Success.

Be alert to support success

DreamBox dashboard: See progress and act

The DreamBox dashboard provides meaningful information and actionable insights that support the important work you do.

Administrators and implementation leaders

Throughout the year, encourage student engagement and monitor growth. To access the data, click on the Reports tab in the navigation menu on the top of the screen. Select Student Usage Report or DreamBox Impact Report to see relevant insights. Learn more.


Familiarize yourself with the dashboard:

  • Review the Total Lessons and Total Time columns to see how students are progressing toward DreamBox Learning’s recommendation that students complete at least 5 lessons per week. Alerts and achievementsTake note of any students who have spent a lot of time working on DreamBox lessons, but do not have any lessons completed. For more insights, look at the Activity Feed Report. Check in with any students who might need extra support.
  • Check the Alerts and Achievements section.
  • Check to see if there are any students who have been identified as “May Need Attention.” Connect with students to determine what support they need to move forward.
  • Celebrate success as students complete lesson goals!
    • Cheer on your students as they learn and grow with DreamBox. For some helpful tools, click on the Resources tab in the navigation menu on the top of the screen. For additional tips on how to determine which students might need extra assistance, see How Can I See if a Student is Struggling?

Share with learning guardians at home

Extending DreamBox usage into the home reinforces math skills, deepens understanding, and invites families into the learning process.


Administrators and implementation leaders

  • Early in the year, use school-wide communications to let families know that your school will be utilizing DreamBox to provide personalized lessons that complement your math curriculum in a fun and engaging way. Throughout the year, continue to send messages to remind families that regularly using DreamBox at home promotes skill development, fosters conceptual understanding, and builds life-long math confidence.
  • Share this Setup DreamBox at Home Resource to provide learning guardians with the tools they need to support use at home.


Home partnership

  • Introduce families to DreamBox early in the year. Use your dashboard to access resources (in English and Spanish) to share with families about getting started with DreamBox at home and logging in to their student’s account.
  • Encourage families to create a family account. This will allow parents to see how their student is progressing throughout the school year.
  • Include information about DreamBox in classroom communications and family conversations throughout the year.
    • Highlight DreamBox at family events such as an open house or a curriculum night.
    • Share insights about student progress and learning from the DreamBox Dashboard at parent-teacher conferences.
    • Video resources: Invite families to view these video resources to support DreamBox usage at home. The videos, available in English and Spanish, include tips on logging in, setting up a family account and supporting and celebrating student engagement and growth.

Additional information and resources


Download the resources below to refer to later and/or distribute to your DreamBox educator colleagues.

Learning sessions with DreamBox experts

Complimentary live webinars and Getting Started courses designed to get you ready for back-to-school.

PD webinar registration and Getting Started courses in DreamBox University can be accessed directly from the Resource section of the DreamBox insight dashboard.

Resource section of the DreamBox insight dashboard

Need Additional Support?

Our comprehensive Support Center is here to help. Find answers to common questions, troubleshooting tips, and expert guidance to make the most of your DreamBox experience.