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Meet 4 Women Revolutionizing STEM in the Classroom

Revolutionizing STEM brings to mind robots, nanotechnology, and 3D printers. All of these things fit squarely in the STEM fields and belong in a STEM-ready classroom. But ask women who are revolutionizing STEM in the classroom what they’re focused on, and they’ll give you the same answer: People.


It’s still a struggle. Women are underrepresented in STEM fields in general.

Assistant Superintendent Curriculum, Assessment and Professional Development,  Mehlville School District, MO

It’s been several years since Dr. Tina Plummer has turned her attention to STEM education with a special focus on helping middle school girls engage. Her ongoing work with programs like the STEM breakfasts, and others has led to more girls enrolling in courses in the STEM fields and carrying that interest and enrollment into high school.


Everyone who comes to a workshop walks away happy and excited.

Director of the STEMAZing Project,  Pima County School Superintendent’s Office, AZ

DaNel Hogan’s The STEMAZing Project is cultivating STEM minds. The project offers a series of professional development workshops during the school year and three-day summer institute strands, where teachers come to learn how to provide students access to quality STEM projects and leave with all the materials they need to recreate the opportunities in their classrooms. “We respectfully treat teachers like professional educators,” she said.


It’s important to go back and volunteer.

America’s Top Young Scientist 2015

Hannah Herbst is a 17-year-old student at Florida Atlantic University High School. She was also named America’s Top Young Scientist in the 2015 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. While she acknowledges and treasures the help she’s received from her parents, teachers, and adult mentors, Hannah’s story is really about young people. In fact, her innovation for the 2015 3M Young Scientist Challenge, BEACON (Bringing Electricity Access to Countries Through Ocean Energy Collection), grew out of her pen pal relationship with a nine-year-old girl living in sub-Saharan Africa and her desire to help deliver electricity to developing countries.


You can’t be what you can’t see.

Senior Vice President of Global STEM Initiatives, Discovery Education

Through professional development, coaching, and sheer passion, Dr. Cindy Moss is changing the way educators approach STEM. She works with and guides superintendents, district administrators, principals, and parents, ensuring that schools and districts can bring excellent STEM education to scale. Moss works to empower teachers to develop their STEM skills right now, with the kids they have, in the place they are, with the resources available, encouraging them to be the seed for growth in their communities.
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