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Discovery Education Math Techbook™ Digital Textbook

Math Techbook is a breakthrough program that fundamentally changes the way secondary students and teachers experience math. Digital from the start and dynamic to the end, Math Techbook is custom built to the Common Core State Standards. Using an inquiry-based approach that is interactive and student centered, Math Techbook balances conceptual learning, procedural fluency, and application to real world problems worth solving. Students of all abilities are engaged, excited, and motivated to learn, resulting in a deep understanding of math that extends well beyond the classroom.

Powerful, yet simple to use, Math Techbook saves teachers time with its comprehensive, all-in-one design that includes concise model lessons and formative assessments embedded throughout the entire instructional cycle. Practical, ongoing professional development is personalized to meet the needs of the district and focuses on math pedagogy and implementation of digital resources.
Math Techbook includes:

  • Math 6-8: Topics range from ratios, rational numbers, and linear equations to surface area, volume, and statistical relationships.
  • Algebra I: Topics range from systems of equations and inequalities to nonlinear functions and quadratic expressions.
  • Geometry: Topics include parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles, circles, polygons, and 3D figures.
  • Algebra II: Topics range from recursive, explicit and inverse functions, to trigonometry, probability and data modeling.  

Math Techbook is going to be a real game-changer. My students were instantly engaged and that was pretty special to see. The real-world problems are relevant and meaningful to them and presented in a way that only Discovery Education can do.

Jeff Baugus, Algebra I Teacher
Santa Rosa County, Florida

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Math Techbook Resources

Download these resources to help you gain a better understanding of Math Techbook.

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