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Math Techbook™

Math Techbook is a breakthrough digital textbook that will change the way students and teachers experience math. Using an inquiry-based approach, Math Techbook engages students with real world problems worth solving while supporting any device, anywhere, anytime in any secondary instructional setting.


Learning Math Starts with a Connection.

Teach using an inquiry-based approach

Math Techbook uses a Discover, Practice, Apply cycle that balances conceptual learning, procedural fluency, and application to real world problems so students gain lasting proficiency.

Engage Students First to Make Learning Last

Students can access dynamic content, interactives, videos, digital tools, and game-like activities that increase their motivation to learn math. Students learn content through multiple pathways that match their learning style and can monitor their own progress in real time with the Student Dashboard.

Differentiate Instruction for 21st Century Learners

The newest generation of technology enhanced items and formative assessments are woven throughout the entire instructional cycle. Teachers can collect evidence of student progress instantly.

Save Teachers Time in Planning and Preparation

Comprehensive resources, student activities, and model lessons are at teachers' fingertips in one, easy-to-navigate site. Real-time feedback and easy-to-read data on the Teacher Dashboard make it easier to adjust instruction.

Course Bundles*

  • Grades 6, 7, and 8 Math ($45 per student)
  • Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II ($55 per student)
  • Integrated Math: Math I, II, III ($55 per student)

*Based on a six-year license; inclusive of professional development in year one; shorter or longer terms are available.

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Math Techbook Feedback

Watch this video for a look at Math Techbook inside of a middle-school classroom, in Wicomico County Public Schools (MD):

Educator Feedback

We gave educators a sneak peek of Discovery Education Math Techbook and this is what they had to say:

"It exceeds what I imagined! It's important for my students to be able to work at their own pace and ability and Math Techbook does this."

"The sequence supports understanding by reviewing, allowing practice, and challenging the students. The manner in which the concepts are presented create interest and I can't wait to present this to my students."

"I really like how it begins with something visual and leads students into concepts with an inquiry oriented approach."

"We can't keep teaching math the same way and expect different results. We need to put students at the center of their learning and ensure that they truly understand math concepts. And we need to show them that math is relevant and important in their lives. Math Techbook does this."

Meet the Math Team

Marty Creel, Chief Academic Officer / Vice President, Curriculum & Instruction
With over 26 years experience as an educator, Marty Creel leads Discovery Education’s innovative curriculum and instruction team. Marty began his career as an engaging social studies teacher known for creative use of technology to deepen learning. As a district-wide curriculum, instruction, and professional development leader in a large urban/suburban school system he was the architect for a thoughtful transition to instructional standards that empower teachers and principals as instructional leaders.

Patrick Vennebush, Director of Mathematics
Patrick began his career as a middle and high school mathematics teacher in Pennsylvania. He served as associate director for PBS TeacherLine, Online Projects Manager for NCTM Illuminations, and Chair of MathCounts Question Writing Committee.

William McDonald, Vice President of Techbook Curriculum
Bill taught elementary and middle school science, mathematics, and technology. He served as the elementary science supervisor, director of elementary instruction, and K-12 director of curriculum development for the largest school district in Maryland.

Peg Hartwig, Content Specialist
Peg was a classroom teacher in Wisconsin, spending more than 20 years teaching middle and high school mathematics. She also developed curriculum for high school mathematics and developed and led professional development initiatives.

Marjan Hong, Content Specialist
Marjan taught high school mathematics in both Utah and North Carolina and served as department chair. She also developed curriculum and assessments for secondary math and conducted professional development in the U.S. and Thailand.