Accelerate the path to growth with Launchpad

Plan, Communicate, Launch

Launchpad provides educators with a baseline about student understanding and efficiently places students in the DreamBox Math curriculum.

The same gamified DreamBox environment students know and love

Engaging & Adaptive

The adaptive experience uses the same approach as DreamBox Math’s interactive lessons to assess student thinking. Similar to DreamBox Math lessons, Launchpad adapts to each student’s strengths and struggles in real time, but unlike regular lessons, the assessment doesn’t offer scaffolding. The fun activities don’t feel like a test, so students can engage complete Launchpad free of test anxiety.

Sample Launchpad experience: Grade 5

dreambox math launchpad student laptop

Don’t lose any more instructional time to testing

Fast & Efficient

After an administrator enables Launchpad, most students complete the experience in 15 – 45 minutes. In less than one hour, educators can identify which students are below, near, or above grade level. 

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Integrates with DreamBox’s curriculum

Seamless & Additive

Administrators customize their Launchpad implementation to align with their district needs and use the tool to complement standalone assessments. Once completed, Launchpad determines each student’s strengths and places them on an adaptive path for learning within each DreamBox Math domain.  

dreambox math launchpad screenshot 5050 2

Enhanced ability to monitor progress and measure growth

Actionable Data

Monitor growth daily with Launchpad’s established baseline as a starting point. DreamBox’s new Growth Report will show grade-level equivalent standing in each mathematical domain, according to your state standards.  

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