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Discovery Education Experience

Get students curious about the world around us! Discovery Education Experience engages students with real-world content and multi-modal instruction, supports teachers with intuitive teaching tools, and ensures high-quality instruction with cross-curricular strategies—delivering a unified classroom experience that prepares learners for tomorrow.

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Support Daily Teaching

We save teachers time with tools they can use every day throughout the year. Our easy to use, grab-and-go lessons and activities use engaging resources and embedded instructional supports to enhance daily instruction. Integrated professional development helps teachers maximize their impact while minimizing prep time.

Deepen Student Learning

Create a classroom culture of inquiry and exploration through unique learning experiences that connect students to the real world. Our culturally responsive, multi-modal content, complete with embedded multi-lingual and differentiated support, drives student-led learning to spark curiosity and increase concept mastery.

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Our original series, Real-World Phenomena Jr., features short videos paired with ready-to-use instructional activities that brings science to life for students.

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Dedicated to Applying Ongoing Research

Discovery Education is proud to announce that Experience meets Level IV evidence requirements in compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

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Create Instructional Excitement

Take students from curious to content mastery! Standards-aligned, high-quality, vetted content from brands students love like Sesame Street, Shark Week, DE Originals, and more. Our portfolio spans core and supplemental curriculum, complete with embedded instructional strategies, to create a continuum of cross-curricular learning that deepens connections and inspires confidence to teach across grades and subjects.

An Integrated Experience

We support the latest integration standards and connect to a variety of Learning Management Systems, making it easy and intuitive to access and manage your data, content, resources, and tools. Students and teachers alike can enjoy a unified classroom experience that’s easy to navigate!

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Explore Discovery Education Experience

From videos to books, virtual field trips, and immersive and interactive content, Discovery Education Experience embeds relevant learning to power pre-made lessons, quizzes, and activities. Across subjects and for all grades, there’s something for every classroom.

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Exclusive Content

Explore captivating, engaging content, such as our DE Originals DEmystified series.

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Deepen Student Engagement with Interactives

Interactives create hands-on learning opportunities across subjects and grades.
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Support Teaching Excellence with SOS Strategies

SOS Strategies and embedded educator supports create pathways to high-quality instruction.

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Check for Student Understanding with Video Quiz

Quizzes embedded in activities check for understanding in a variety of low-pressure, engaging ways.

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Activate Classroom Collaboration with Studio Activities

Studio Activities and Lessons lead to active learning and creative ways to apply content.

Our Impact on Teaching & Learning

Use of Discovery Education Experience is evidence-based and built upon a theory of action designed to enhance the best K-12 teaching and learning experiences.

  • Across 34 performance indicators, schools with Discovery Education’s products performed better on North Carolina’s state assessments than non-DE partner schools.

  • In a Texas study, 73% of high-use students met state benchmarks, compared to 30% of low use students.

  • In a California study, students in 8th grade, high-use social studies and math classes outperformed their peers on state assessments for ELA and math.

  • In a statewide Kentucky study, schools that used Discovery Education had higher test scores across subjects and student groups.

Other Discovery Education Solutions

Explore our core and supplemental curriculum resources to use in harmony with Experience and get students curious!

Learn How Discovery Education Can Help Prepare Your Students for Success

The largest impact is that Discovery Education has been a consistent resource for educators amongst the challenges of teaching … Across content areas and grades, teachers have a one-stop shop they can use to supplement and extend lessons. Students also know the resources available and use them to explore their learning. Teachers and school staff know that DE is reliable and high quality.

Josh Bailey Director of Teaching and Learning Operations, Maryland