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DreamBox effectively builds critical algebra skills for all students, in all grades, at all levels.

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Recent NAEP scores indicate students have dropped in math. Only 27% of 8th-grade students are proficient in math. DreamBox provides students across all achievement levels deep personalized learning designed to develop critical-thinking skills, algebraic reasoning, and conceptual understanding.  

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Highly adaptive instruction

DreamBox continuously analyzes student behavior to determine the best instruction for each learner. By scaffolding in real time and building conceptual understanding as they engage, DreamBox Math equips students with the critical-thinking and procedural skills they need to be algebra ready. 

"Other programs out there [have] instructional videos, but the amount of actual interaction and manipulation that the DreamBox lessons offer has been amazing... and has really helped that lightbulb come on for many of the tougher, higher-order concepts."
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Junior High Math Teacher
Cuero ISD, Texas
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Build confident middle school students

Engaging and motivating lessons

DreamBox self-directed math lessons empower students to understand the big ideas of algebra. They learn to think logically, identify patterns, form conclusions, construct arguments, and solve new and unfamiliar problems. As they engage in the motivating learning experience, they become confident, independent learners.  

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DreamBox Math lessons address 100% of 6 – 8 algebra-ready major clusters

Order of Operations


See how DreamBox lessons are designed to help students build fluency and understand the orders of operation rather than simply memorizing them.

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