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State & Strategic Partnerships with Discovery Education

Supporting student and staff well-being, improving student engagement & accelerating learning opportunities

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Discovery Education is here to meet the unique needs of educators and K-12 students, including:

Curriculum alignment to state standards
Custom curated content for your state
Targeted professional learning

Our mission is to prepare learners for tomorrow by creating innovative classrooms connected to today’s world. Educators, leaders, parents, and communities look to us as a strategic partner in bringing quality real-world learning experiences to all students so they can succeed both in the classroom and in the workforce.

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Our Partners

We are proud to partner with states and large districts across the country to support the unique needs of their educators and students, including curriculum alignment to state standards, custom curated content, and targeted professional learning.


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Arizona Department of Education

Products: Discovery Education Experience

The Arizona Department of Education and Discovery Education launched a partnership in 2021 which includes public, charter and adult education schools. While ensuring all educators and students have equitable access to high-quality resources, the Department of Education also focused on their rural schools. Through this partnership, all schools receive not only the resources, but also in-person and virtual professional learning.

Delaware Department of Education

Products: Discovery Education Experience

The Delaware Department of Education, DuPont, and Discovery Education launched a new, first-of-its-kind partnership to increase student access to high-quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) instructional resources, as well as instructional materials and other supports to enhance (Career and Technical Education) programs across the state. The three-year partnership program for middle and high school students directly supports the Delaware Pathways Initiative — an innovative effort helping students develop the academic, technical, and employability skills needed for successful, in-demand jobs across Delaware. This public/private partnership between DuPont, Delaware Department of Education and Discovery Education provides:

Denver Public Schools

The Denver Public Schools STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, PE, Health and Media Literacy) Department announced the launch of a new initiative with Discovery Education in February 2023 to help educators district wide provide K-12 students with innovative and engaging multilingual learning experiences and resources. The district was thrilled to bring Discovery Education’s digital resources to their students as this initiative is intended to help enhance and enrich the educational experiences of their K-12 students, while also empowering teachers with tools and resources to enhance the district’s adopted curriculum. The Director of STEAM at Denver Public Schools shared, “Discovery Education is more than just a program, it’s an experience. We believe that this initiative will help our students develop a love of learning and a curiosity for the world around them.”

Los Angeles Unified School District

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is a long-standing Discovery Education strategic partner. Miami-Dade partners with Discovery Education across a variety of products, projects, and initiatives to strengthen student engagement and learning and to support teacher capacity to facilitate learning across all classrooms. This strategic partnership provides equitable access to digital resources that support all subject areas, parent and family engagement through custom resources, programming, and events, as well as summer learning through custom created resources and professional learning. The partnership also provides:

Mississippi Department of Education

Products: Discovery Education Experience

The Mississippi Department of Education launched a partnership with Discovery Education to provide K-6 science educators and students with timely and relevant resources across the State using the Discovery Education Experience. The partnership focuses on strengthening student engagement in the science classroom and building teacher capacity to leverage dynamic digital content to impact science achievement. Throughout this partnership, teachers participate in virtual and in person personalized professional learning to integrate Discovery Education ready to use activities and resources across all content areas into their daily practice to provide connected, cross-curricular learning experiences for all students. This unique partnership brings Science learning to life through:

Nevada Department of Education

Products: Discovery Education Experience

In July 2020, the Nevada Department of Education and Nevada Gold Mines partnered with Discovery Education to make the Discovery Education Experience K-12 learning toolkit accessible to educators, students, and families across the State. “We are incredibly pleased to continue this tremendous partnership benefiting Nevada’s students and are grateful for the support of community partners like Nevada Gold Mines, who are so passionate about investing in the educational resources which are so key to making our state a better place to learn, work, and live,” said Jhone Ebert, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Montana Office of Public Instruction

Products: Discovery Education Experience, DreamBox Math, & DreamBox Reading Plus

In June 2023, Discovery Education partnered with Superintendent Elsie Arntzen of the Montana Office of Public Instruction. Through this multi-year partnership, the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) is providing all 402 public school districts statewide access to a curated collection of high-quality, grade-level appropriate, digital content aligned to Montana’s rigorous K-12 Content Standards. In addition, this collaboration supports the state’s workforce readiness initiatives, rural education, Native American tribal history and culture, and parent and family engagement initiatives. This comprehensive partnership provides access to all Montana public school students to engaging and interactive resources that:

New Hampshire Department of Education

Products: Discovery Education Experience

The New Hampshire Department of Education selected Discovery Education’s award-winning K-12 learning toolkit to support all New Hampshire learning environments with high quality instructional material. “This is really a win for everyone, students, families, and teachers across the state. No matter what school district they live or work in or what education program they choose, they will now have access to high quality instructional materials,” stated Frank Edelblut, Commissioner of Education. Through this partnership, all K-12 New Hampshire public, private and charter schools have access to Discovery Education Experience to support teaching and learning across all subject areas. This statewide partnership provides:

South Carolina Department of Education

Products: Discovery Education Experience and DreamBox Math

The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) invested in and rolled out in 2020 a robust, integrated digital learning solution that supports teaching and learning across all South Carolina public schools and selected charter schools. This comprehensive solution includes standards-based digital learning resources from Discovery Education that provide every student and educator access to high-quality, standards-aligned content, ready-to-use digital lessons, interactives, and instructional strategies to strengthen student engagement and learning. Through this partnership, South Carolina educators strengthen their capacity to create student-centered learning environments through the intentional integration of timely and relevant digital resources. The partnership provides:

Rochester City School District

Rochester City School District selected Discovery Education’s digital products and services to support equitable access to engaging, relevant and dynamic resources for all K-12 students across all classrooms. Through this partnership, all Rochester educators expanded their toolkits to actively engage every learner. Educators, students, and families have access to Discovery Education to support teaching and learning across all subject areas, in and out of the classroom. This comprehensive partnership provides:
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Research & Impact

The Research Behind Discovery Education

We’re committed to providing research-based solutions and verifying their efficacy to support deep and sustained learning. Independent studies have revealed promising results about the impact of Discovery Education on teaching and learning outcomes.

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Success Stories

Education leaders across the nation trust Discovery Education as a dedicated partner in ensuring the success of students and teachers. Their stories celebrate impact in STEM learning, hands-on cross-curricular instruction, and bringing real-world connections into classrooms.

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