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United Streaming + Streaming Plus =
Discovery Education Experience

Using the power of United Streaming and the innovations of Streaming Plus, experience a dynamic new way to learn.
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The Discovery Education Experience is an all-new platform built on the decades of history inside United Streaming and Streaming Plus, adding new innovations to engage students and delight teachers. Students and educators who have relied on having this curated trove of content at their fingertips will find all they love and more in Experience.

Students will be empowered by exciting new ways to explore, share, and collaborate with an ocean of curated, multimodal content. Teachers can differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of all learners across grade levels with research-based strategies, helping them make the most of their lessons.

Streaming Usage Linked to Increased Student Engagement and Achievement

Findings from multiple studies, combined, tell a consistent and promising story of how Streaming access is related to outcomes that matter across the country for students overall, and especially for racial/ethnic minorities and students impacted by poverty, disabilities, and limited English proficiency.

Start your journey today and discover new ways of bringing learning to life.

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