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STEM Careers Coalition Diversity in STEM Discussions: Designing the Future for Black Engineers

Join us for Diversity in STEM Discussions, a thought leadership series designed to bring leaders of industry together with district-level and classroom educators to engage in an honest and thought-provoking dialogue around building a magnificently diverse STEM workforce. Designing the Future for Black Engineers, will offer a virtual stakeholder discussion featuring speakers from Microsoft, ASME, API and Grace James Academy of Excellence (Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY).

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Feb 23 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


  • Wadood Daoud
    Wadood Daoud

    Wadood, a Microsoft engineer and member of Blacks at Microsoft Affinity Group and the National Society of Black Engineers, will share how he is actively defining space within his organization to mitigate the diversity divide and mobilize black engineers to future industry leaders.

  • Rebecca Winkel
    Rebecca Winkel

    Rebecca, an Economic Advisor for the American Petroleum Institute (API), will discuss how she identified labor disparities within her industry, and used that data to influence change through the identification of resourcing and activation of diversity initiatives.

  • Dr. Ashley Huderson
    Dr. Ashley Huderson

    Dr. Huderson, Director of Engineering Education and Outreach at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), is highly focused on diversity and inclusion issues within STEM education. Learn how she is making meaningful contribution to the diversification of the scientific workforce and empowering those interested in STEM, regardless of their background.

  • Ronda Cosby
    Ronda Cosby

    Ronda, Principal of Grace James Academy of Excellence, KY, is passionate about providing students creative spaces to learn and grow. See how she has advocated and spoken out for those who have felt like they didn’t have a voice, with a STEM curriculum that inspires and instills a strong sense of identity.